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02.10.2013 , 07:26 PM | #1

Health 29347.8
Armor Rating 6307.4
Damage Reduction 38.87%
Defense Chance 30.20% (askmrrobot isn't displaying it properly)
Shield Chance 43.64%
Shield Absorption 54.30%

I think this is a good balance between the stats.
Right now, i have around 26% def / 45% shield chance / 56% absorb and i am taking more damage than tanks that have higher defense. That's the main reason i created this build and i want advice on how to perfect it since i'm not that far from reaching it (i want to correct any mistakes before i actually make them).

Also i'm thinkin of droping the on-use shield/aborb relic and get the 350 defense one.