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You can't exactly kill HK-47, not to mention he has been disassembled and reassembled more than once, including in KOTOR 2 as some people may remember for sure.

Either way, there's no reasoning for LA not to develop KOTOR 3 at some point since as the scientist in MP states, the only venue they have to navigate INSIDE the nebula is thanks to a Gree computer obtained by Darth Malgus, during his expedition in the Unknown Regions, after the whole Sacking of Coruscant business; If memory serves me right, Kilran also went to the Prison to secure the prisoner as Malgus stated... In other words, that wasn't his prison the whole time.

In other words, they could still pull off a KOTOR 3 that could bring some closure concerning Revan, Exile, Carth, Bastila and so forth.
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