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Jaesa was fretting. Her journey with him was coming to an end, short though it was, and she was painfully aware of this fact. They left Hoth with a specific purpose: deliver Quinn’s transfer papers, pack his things, and ship him off. She didn’t want to. She knew all about him, his special case, his dreams. She had to be there, right? Someone had to keep an eye on him, why not her?

She started pacing the medbay floor, chewing on the nail of her thumb. She’d already eaten the others to the nubs. She couldn’t help it. Perhaps she could appeal to Syla’s paranoia, let her spy on Jadus or – or something, anything to stay by Quinn’s side. She finally stopped chewing her nails long enough to track Syla down and approach her with her idea.

“That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard,” Syla said dismissively.

“Master, I cannot lie to you. I have an ulterior motive,” Jaesa admittedly quietly.

“I know you do, Jaesa, I’m not stupid.” Syla sighed and set her mug of caf on the table. “That man is not worth it, Jaesa. There are so many others in the Galaxy far more worthy of your attentions and affections.”

A light blush spread across Jaesa’s cheeks. “No one said anything about affections. I just… worry for him. He’s in pain, Master and so few people understand his plight. Please, let me do this.”

“You’re my apprentice. I’m supposed to protect you from things like this. Usually by killing them.”

“You tried that once and couldn’t go through with it,” Jaesa said offhandedly.

“Not making your case here,” Syla said stiffly.

“If you don’t allow me to go, I’ll pout all day, every day, every time I see you.” Jaesa put on her best sad face and stared at Syla unblinkingly.

“Stars, fine,” Syla huffed. “I should have made you be evil. Then I wouldn’t have to put up with this nonsense.”

“You told me I was too adorable to be evil,” Jaesa pouted.

“You are too adorable, but, if you were evil, you could kill Quinn and I’d get to keep you here.”

Jaesa giggled quietly. “Master, you are incredibly silly.”

“I am the Wrath, I am not silly,” Syla replied with a laugh, effectively ruining the effect of her statement.

“So,” Jaesa hedged, “you’ll let me go with him?”

“Have you asked him if you could go?”

“Not yet, I wanted to make sure I could go in case he agreed.”


“I wanted my bases covered. I didn’t want to ask him and he agree only for you to say no. That would likely disappoint him.”

“Nothing would disappoint that man,” Syla replied with a huff.


“Yeah, yeah you like him. Fine, you can go, but I want you reporting in daily. On the holo, none of that quick messaging crap the younger kids do these days.”

“You sound like a mother,” Jaesa giggled.

“You’re my apprentice,” Syla said defensively.

“What if something prevents me from contacting you via holo?”

“Then I’ll board the Dominator, sabers ablaze, demanding your current location.”

“You’re serious.”


“Right, I’ll make it a point to holo every day, then. If I can go.”


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