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I think that though Soresu indeed could be prone to be outpowered by a more agressive form like Shien or Juyo, that approach only takes in account the battle by itself. From what I remember, most Soresu practitioners tried to reason with their opponents and end the fight.

From there I think it comes the conception that a Soresu master is near invincible. It's really hard to defeat someone if in the end you join him.

Well, in the Jedi Path book: it does say that the attacks of the Juyo form can eviscerate an opponent's defenses - Even the blocks of a Form III master.

Also I speculate that Makashi is a good form to use against Soresu as well - because of the mechanics of the style....
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Tulak Hord is only an unknown because he killed anyone that has ever seen him fight.