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IConsider a dread guard geared marauder rolling need on a medium armor strength columi item.
The system will not be bullitproof but a dread geared marauder is probably more concerned about his reputation then be called out a ninja for taking something he has no use for. If you have come so far into the game you are well aware the difference between columni and dread guard equipment.

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IAs for creating more loot roll options, well this quickly turns into a mess. Is main-toon off-spec higher priority than third-alt main-spec? What about second-alt off-spec vs. main-toon companion. Yuck! Keep me out of that mess.
They system I am proposing does not take spec into account at all. A trooper can roll on heavy aim loot and a shadow can roll need on willpower light armour and so on. The rest can be handled by common sense within the group if needed. I am sure a dps will not deny a tank specc a item or a dps a healer a item.

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I actually liked the original story mode loot system. You got to see all the awesome loot that dropped and no arguments over who gets what because it's all pre-assigned. Unfortunately some people couldn't handle not winning loot and there were enough complaints to get that changed.
I was there, I looted stuff this way. I canīt say I support it but it was one way of solving it

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IAnyways I would suggest to all people who want to avoid drama - please talk it out with the other people in the group. Sure there may be the occasional idiot but the vast majority of people are happy to pass on loot if you let them know you want it .
This is not how reality works nowdays. Only a few nights ago I got kicked and insulted badly for simply asking why a pistol user needed on a lightsaber (Bioware has all the facts, the logs and report). Some players seems to think all players lives in a fluffy dreamworld where everyone understands eachother frorm the start and can set ground rules, but they are rarely kept and players that you do not know canīt be trusted by default. Alot of posts bring this matter to attention aswell with the need of a secure tradewindow (but that is another story).

By simply changing the lootsystem to common sense the community will avoid alot of grief. I respect those that wants to be able to loot everything but I still do not understand why. Is it by some wierd personal gain that every item belong to them, or some wierd esoterical interpretation of freedom of looting.

It will never make sense to me how items clearly designed for a class has equal possibliity to end up with someone that has absolutly no use for it, and some even admit they use need to grief other players from getting the loot they need to gear up.

This community clearly needs rules how loot is divided, I wonder if Bioware gets amused when they read how mad some of the players get in their posts. Who knows, I still have faith in this game and in Bioware but regarding this matter the community really deserves a answer. I wonder how long we as a community has to wait until someone at Bioware finally wakes up and gives us a decent answer.