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Quote: Originally Posted by Aries_cz View Post
Gree should have plenty of solo missions
Space is solo
Section X is solo, except one mission
Voss heroics, unless they are some new ones, should be soloable at lvl 50
We don't know what the Gree event and/or bosses will consist of yet, but the very fact "bosses" are mention screams not soloable for it.

And its not Space missions its HARDmode space missions so your looking at a huge grind beforehand or a spend in the Cartel store to gear your ships up first and that providing you can do them.

Its Section X weekly and Section X missions and they arent all soloable with all classes. And the heroics definitely arent.

Voss heroics arent soloable with the exception of one or two. but then why would they be they are heroics and heroics arent intended for solo. the fact that some can be done and some can be skipped via some stealth classes and most can be turned to once out levelled and sorted (not the case with the voss ones) is moot.

By and large the only people making any headway with rep will be grouped people, and when you consider more or less 60% of a games populace solo predominantly, 20% gve or take raid and 20% give or take pvp then as i say it would seem the rep system is aimed at a minority, while largely excluding the majority, which just seems incredibly counter productive.

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