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One guy posts something on Darth Hater, and this thread turns on itself and starts eating each other. Jesus. Lets remember a few things:

Whoever datamined this isn't a developer at bioware. Inevitably, that means they will need to interpret the data they find.

Interpretive liberties include these things:

Electronet prevents escapes. BW haven't defined what constitutes an escape as it relates to this ability. 9 seconds still makes this ability a marauder killer considering you also have a cannon that acts independently of the GCD and is most likely instant cast.

Saber Reflect may very well be Guardian/Jugg only, as BW hasn't released it yet. Even then it specifically states "Direct Damage". This more than likely has nothing to do with PERIODIC DAMAGE as electronet will be.

Commando healers got a nice gift with their instant cast puddle heal now. If it heals for even 75% of what the Sorc's does, we're looking at a seriously nasty addition to the game there.

Assault got shafted with the preliminary data. Until we know what the modifiers are, it'll remain on the shafted list.

Gunnery gets the potential for 2 instant cast abilities. This is actually a nice idea because in a bad situation a well geared, intelligent gunnery commando will net, knockback, double instagrav, demo round, hib, and finish up with a full auto on a target. Thats ALOT of damage to anyone if you can get that all off, and with a long snare time, its more than feasible. Add in the shoulder cannon chipping away that entire time and we're looking at the potential nerf bat here.

Now thats all theory crafting. All of whats being said here is. What I can say is that Bioware threw 'mando/merc a bone. It's all we've ever really asked for here. A bone. We already have to play twice as well as any other AC to be successful anyway. With a few more tools, we're more than capable of demonstrating a respectable capability for murder.

Stop flipping out going "OMG BIOFAIL IS FAIL." Be patient and be realistic. Nothing here is concrete, and all of this is subjective to personal interpretation until it comes out.