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In the end, this is an MMO. It is based in the Star Wars universe, but it still has to play like an MMO. Giving a ranged class melee abilities is a problem.
Snipers have shiv, mercs have rocket punch, and let's not forget when we were back on Korriban or Tython, when sabre strike and thrash/double strike, was one of our core ways of dispatching foes. So, why are they thrown out of the window and apparently we forget how to use them when we chose our AC? Snipers and Mercs certainly didn't "forget" their melee abilties. It's not entirely unreasonable should we find ourselves in melee range that we should be able to still use thrash with willpower to damage using it. The even stupider thing is that Strength adds damage to it, but our mainstat does not. No, there is no logical reason for things the way they are.

And it's not like melee classes don't get ranged abilities.