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Yes it will. The net slows your target and prevents them from using leaps, vanish, and speed boosts. Do you know how *********** useful that net will be? This is HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE utility for RWZ. You can literally now guarantee death for ops and sage healers since for 9 seconds they will not be able to vanish or speed away to safety.
Did you even read my prior posts? Have you been paying even the slightest amount of attention? If you put Electro Net on a competent enemy melee, he will keep moving to purposefully ramp up the damage from it, and then once it is at a high level he will put up Saber Reflect and kill you with your own Electro Net. Enemy melee will have an even easier time killing Mercs 1v1 now because even if you get the melee to the point where both sides are at about 20% health, the enemy can use Saber Reflect at the terminal part of the fight for what effectively is an auto kill.

Nor will Electro Net help kill enemy healers. They can cleanse Electro Net, or in the case of Sorcs, simply keep on moving until the damage becomes meaningful and then use Force Barrier. The only character class that Electro Net provides a net benefit against are Snipers. And there the benefit is miniscule, since they aren't going to move when fighting you anyway.

You have fallen into the trap of thinking about all our new abilities in isolation and not in the context of how all the new abilities interact and function.