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It doesn't matter if we get a 10-15% alacrity bonus, it doesn't matter if we get a 9 seconds Unload cooldown, it doesn't matter if Powershot cost less, we can't deal any dmg if we get interrupted or pushed, THAT, is the problem.

If you are face to face against any other classes, you can't bother using Tracer Missile, Powershot or Unload, simply because you are going to be interrupted or pushed back between 1-3 times IN A ROW depending the class you are facing, that's means during all that time (2-6 seconds, a lifetime in a 1v1) you deal ZERO damage to the opponent while he roflstomp you to death...

What can we do instead? Running, using Rapid Shots and praying that our instant ablities cooldowns are reseted, and that is beyond ridiculous, because, a Powertech for example, can not only do the same, but possess another extra instant cast ability that also allows him to reset another instant ability.

So, to the Bioware pvp development team, CHANNELED ATTACKS ARE A NO GO UNLESS THEY ARE UNINTERRUPTABLE, just, please, think for a second instead of giving us useless skills! Or better: PLAY THE DAMN CLASS, and see how good you are going to fare against any other competent AC player.

IF Bioware plans to stick with those ridiculous skills then it should be at least a 50% alacrity bonus, a 6 second Unload cooldown... and even like that we wouldn't even come close to any good Mara/Assassin/Scoundrel, until then, move along folks, Commando/Mercs are still going to be the WZ laughing stock.

pretty much what i've been saying since June 2012...

i will never play a casting class in's so damn easy to shut em down. and mercs??!! LOL, they need to cast to build up DPS!!

seriously, who the frank is in charge over there? a damn 7 year old?
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