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Quote: Originally Posted by Crerin
I put in a bug report months ago about a bug that everyone has known about since release (after 2nd door on voidstar the barrier is bugged to where all moves that are ranged / jumps / pulls can be used with los from under the door) They still haven't done the easiest change in the world, make the barriers hit the ground instead of leaving a crease... We actually had this char named "angrygirl" who was shooting us under it, so we had a guy pull her up to our side from the crease and rocked her... was kinda funny but to have to do that at this point is stupid...
I hope someone breaks into your house one night, and when you shoot him while hiding under your bed, he complains to the cops that the gap between your bed and the floor is stupid and the cops fine you and make you cut the legs off your bed so it goes all the way to the floor

or if you dont have a gun then when you jump out with your baseball bat and Smash him

in fact, all players on the defending team should be able to click on the barrier and crawl under it