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So I'm levelling up, just hit 40. I've been darkness, but wondering if I should give madness a try. Darkness is reliable, but I'm the type of play who wants to try different styles of play from time to time. However, I'm also the kind of player who likes to tear through groups of foes quickly and reliably with a minimum of downtime. I level with Khem, I like him as a companion. I think both styles of play have some interesting points but would love to get feedback from other players on what they like about these two different specs at this particular point in the game. Here is my 2 cents on them:

Darkness: Very reliable, not a glass cannon. I find I share the agro with Khem and we are both standing at the end of a tough fight. Darkness is super solid against groups of normal/strong, but it's a bit of a grind against elites. Although with sharing the agro with Khem we are usually (but not always) both still standing at the end of a tough elite fight. However this does do pretty solid dps as well, but I dont have a dps meter to confirm specifics.

Madness: Looks fun to play. I imagine I would tear through normal fights well, but in fights against tougher fights against mulitple strong foes or elites Khem would get agro, and I'm not sure any extra dps from this tree would save him in time. When the damage gets turned on me I'm afraid I will get knocked down to nothing flat in a hurry. Is this the case? Or if I do pull it out is there a lot of downtime between fights? This is where I'd love to hear from Madness Assassins on what they think of levelling in this spec in levels 40-50. Thanks!
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