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Let me clarifie about absorb force/tech attack - according to datamine it's gonna be chance to absorb next one tech or force attack (for ex. PT can still hit for 5k with rail shot - it's ranged attack) after using chaft fire/diversion (45 s CD). If u want to confront it with Saber Reflect, which gonna be reflceting all single target ranged, tech and force attack durning duration... For closer look to rest of changes check my previous post. Specially if u realize that electro net is for all Troopers/BHs - Mercs, Mandos, VGs and PTs.
It says % chance because it's probably one of those 2 point talents that go 50/100. And the vast majority of damage in this game is tech/force and all CC is tech/force. It will be useful as hell.

Where does it say net is for all troopers? Just because it's listed under the general "trooper" section on Darth Hater doesn't mean it is. If you look at dual saber throw--which is listed under JK on that website--it says requires 2 sabers to use. So it's clearly a sentinel only ability, but still listed under the general JK. So the net is 90% likely to be commando's escape mechanism and it's pretty good. Provides utility as well as an instant long lasting slow.