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Quote: Originally Posted by SturmUndSterne View Post
And they already have. Working as intended, they said, over a year ago.

However, people won't bother to use the search function, and they keep making the same thread over and over again.
First a few things :

1. Provide proof that they have said that because it is to my knowledge not true. I would also like to know if that person that said that even work at Bioware, they have lost ALOT of DEVs. They even argued a bit regarding the implementation of a extra button hence the need/greed, I think that is something they simply left unfinished. Need/greed was not available when ToR launched for example.

2. Things said over a year ago is not set in stone. Remember when the groupfinder was about to be created, they said they were against it since they wanted the community to build teams of their own. Guess what, it didnīt happen and players flew away like flies. So they had to create it.

3. Players do use the searchfunction, but in most cases there is always a new angle to the problem, there are hundreds of them with this flawed lootsystem. This forum proves that. No thread is exactly the same and adress exactly the same problem, read yourself and you will see.

You can always identify a real problem by watching the forums. If a certain problem return over and over again and then some more something has to be done. This is not a forum where players write only because they "want to feel special" this is a forum where we are supposed to give Bioware feedback and let THEM know how WE feel.

I have a good perspective of this game since I have followed it along time. My account creation date is 02.01.09 and I have been around since launch.

I acknowledge this anarchy lootsystem as a problem since it creates alot of conflicts in the game. A true gamer that cares for both the game and the community writes what he/she feels here on the forum in a constructive way.

The playerbase will continue to create threads that contain different problems with the lootsystem until Bioware acknowledges the problem and implement a solution in a future patch.

We will see players create alot more threads about situations that could be avoided with a common sense lootsystem over and over and then some more that I am 100% certain of.