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I hate the argument "The Empire has to lose anyway" because it undermines the most important part of any struggle: Tension. Just because in THREE THOUSAND YEARS the Empire is long gone doesn't mean they have to fall within our character's lifetimes or so one-sidedly for that matter. To do that is bad story telling because:

1) It would make the Empire not even a real threat and not worth dealing with, making the whole story worthless.

2) As a bi-faction MMO, the lack of any worth while victories makes those of us playing the Empire feel all of our efforts have been for nothing, and those on the Republic see the us as a joke.

& 3) If the Republic wins within the span of the game's life/timeline, it's over. There's nothing to carry on.

Sure, EVENTUALLY there's going to be no more Empire, but give this war more tug-of-war type wins/loses rather than hand everything to the Republic.
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