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That the optimistic opinion. The less optimistic one is that Electro Net is the planned escape mechanism, there will be no help for Mercs before Makeb, and oh, yeah.... Electro Net won't help you escape from enemy melee.
I hope that's not the case. Electro Net would only assist escape from mdps if used in tandem with other abilities provided they're off cooldown. Something that requires us to blow our few defensive cooldowns just to escape once from one mdps won't improve our quality of life in the WZs that much. Also, something with as much group utility as Electro Net would probably be on cooldown most of the time.

Re heal spec, I'm glad they are planning to buff kolto bomb/missile with a localized HoT mechanic, and it makes sense considering the animation. However, the single biggest healer-specific limitation is resource management. Due to the lack of an escape relative to the other healing Advanced Classes, the BH/Trooper heal spec is forced to dps a much greater % of the time relative to other healers. Very rarely do you see merc/mando healers finish a full WZ with the kind of lopsided numbers like 9:1 healing vs dmg, which is not unusual for the other healers. Constantly re-allocating your time & resources to self-defensive dps'ing means your resources are always bottoming out once you've blown the vent/recharge cooldown. There's very little wiggle-room there, and resource mgt is much less forgiving than it is for a Sage/Sorc healer. So there's a lot riding on what sort of new escape ability they have planned for us. It can either totally rejuvenate the class, or conversely it could have very little meaningful effect, depending.