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There were two very important things that Vux didn't like about the way the mission was going; the first was that there was a giant hole in the ground they would have to go down into, and the second being that inside that hole was most likely an incredibly dangerous Drouk. Not matter the situation though, the mission required possibly facing the beast so it was necessary to go down there.

Lanser leapt down there as heroically as any Jedi Vux had seen before, followed by the probably overwhelmed Lukarna and her heightened sense of smell. Sabrina made a wisecrack before leaping in herself, making the veteran both chuckle and force him to push away what popped in his head at the though of her showering. He unclipped the rappel hook from his belt and clipped it to the ground above the hole before slowly lowering himself down, joining the others in a pit of unimaginable stink.

Vux had been in smelly situations like this before, which is why he liked to carry the very oxygen masks he was taking out. After putting one on he offered the rest to the others, including a custom made one for Lukarna. "If I know anything about places like this, even a single hour of good clean air is a lifesaver. Anyone else want one?"
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