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While leveling, this is less clear since there aren't any items with defense/shield/absorb available on them until later levels, and even then you need to craft it unless you run a ton of FPs since they're still not available from vendors (including commendation vendors) until about 40 (belsavis). Main spec always have priority though, so if a item with tank stats drops the tank always have priority, but if you're in the level range where tanking stats aren't available the tanks don't have any choice but to wear "DPS" gear as well, so they can roll on everything too.
The problem with ToR loosystem is not the different needrolls that the characters from the same class do, the BIG problem is players from other classes needing on items they canīt use.

Communication solve almost every time if a piece of heavy armor str head with defensive stats drops and both a dps jugg and a tank jugg are present. The team will let the tank specced juggernaut have the item, that is pure common sense.

The problem occur when the trooper for example in the team decides that the heavy armor str head is equal his and he has to have it and presses need. The trooper have no use for it, he cant let a companion have it, the only thing he can do is either sell it or let it collect dust in the bank,

This has been discussed so many times in so many threads that Bioware really has to let us know if they are working on it, player feedback is important they say. The community screams for a answer regarding this in hundreds of threads and thousands of posts.

Let us know once and for all if we are preaching to deaf ears here, please!!