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The Dark Council comprises of 12 Sphere's of Influence
Sphere of Ancient Knowledge is charged with the protection and expansion of Sith knowledge, it oversees the Imperial Reclamation Service
Sphere of Biotic Science is charged with command of all aspects of the Empire that deals with the human body: cybernetic augmentation, disease control, Sith alchemy and genetic manipulation and experiments. It also oversees Imperial Medical Corps
Sphere of Defense of the Empire directs the Imperial Military to protect t's citizens from internal and external threats
Sphere of Expansion and Diplomacy oversees expansion and diplomacy but is was the sphere's head who choose which of the 2 he favoured. It oversees the Imperial Diplomatic Service
Sphere of Imperial Intelligence oversees the Ministry of Intelligence
Sphere of Law and Justice directs the law enforcement and justice branches of the Empire
Sphere of Military Offensive directs the Ministry of War and the Imperial Military in all offensive military operations
Sphere of Military Strategy controls the battle plans, strategies and other military procedures in addition to Imperial Conquest Consolidation Corps
Sphere of Mysteries is the most secretive of them all, the rest of the Empire knows almost nothing about there inner working or purpose and only understood that the mystery's they protected where important for the Empire. Sith Assassins work for them
Sphere of Production and Logistics oversees the Ministry of Logistics and trough them controls the trade routes, resourced, economy, military supply lines, transportation systems, nationalized industries, slave populations and other assets and programs essential for the continued functions of the Empire
Sphere of Sith Philosophy is tasked with the protection of the Sith Code, routing out sympathisers of the light-side and spreading anti-Jedi sentiment
Sphere of Technology oversees the creation of powerful new cybernetics, superweapons, military technology and other revolutionary machines for the good of the Empire