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02.10.2013 , 04:37 AM | #1121
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That the optimistic opinion. The less optimistic one is that Electro Net is the planned escape mechanism, there will be no help for Mercs before Makeb, and oh, yeah.... Electro Net won't help you escape from enemy melee.
Yes it will. The net slows your target and prevents them from using leaps, vanish, and speed boosts. Do you know how *********** useful that net will be? This is HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE utility for RWZ. You can literally now guarantee death for ops and sage healers since for 9 seconds they will not be able to vanish or speed away to safety. Same with sents and guardians. They won't be able to stealth or friendly leap away to avoid dying. This will also be huge in huttball by preventing guardians from leaping to friendlies or enemies, forcing them to either pass or wait it out which opens up time for you to either kill him, or intercept the pass. What I'm wondering is if a char that is netted can still be friendly pulled. I hope not. Oh and it apparently does damage too on top of that stuff and it's 50% snare. I just hope to god the CD on the net is super low.

The shoulder cannon thing sounds pretty cool too, it seems like it's extra dps we get while we're CC, which we can unload once we're no longer CCed.

The gunnery changes look pretty nice too. Absorb one force/tech attack? Yes please. Lols at the focus spec knights.

Combat medic didn't seem to get much love, and honestly I'm a little disappointed. None of the changes address the issue of being completely reliant on casts, and that our resource management is crap compared to the other two healers.