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Yeah i hit 50 and realised that the lag plays a huge factor when playing ranked and intense 50s pvp. So ill be staying on APAC unless i hit the utmost of boredom.
I think ppl overstate the ping issue unless you have general intenet issues. The ping is consistently 185-220 on the bastion and i find it playable.

In fact we played our first ranked games last night against Hey I am MVP which is a 3500 rated team. They are the best rated team in all of the NA Servers as they roll on both Bastion and Prophecy of 5.

We were competitive in all our games despite the ping disadvantage and these guys absolutely curb stomp everyone like Midian used to curb stomp every guild not named Core back in the days.
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It's the talent in the concealment tree called "Clandestine QQ" that gives Backstab a 1/2% chance to instantly unsub the target, and a 50/100% chance to stunlock their entire computer.