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Who we are:
<Vyrus> is a former World of Warcraft guild(we were a rather casual group of friends) who is looking to make SWTOR our new home. While some of the friends were casual a few of us raided top 15 US guilds in WoW(Infalliable, Seriously Casual, Simple Math, Carebears, Mediocrity), and are looking to raid on a casual schedule while still downing cutting edge progression bosses at a fast pace.
*Right now we are re leveling new 50s since our old ones are on a random server due to the server merge, and it being a lower pop server*

What we expect::
*Be on time for raids 7-10 30 PST
*A working Mic(Please be able to communicate during raid)
*18 or older(some exceptions can be made, but we dont want your mom to come in and turn your computer off mid raid)
*Subscriber(exceptions can be made there aswell)
*Know your class inside and out
*Be flexible. IE if you are a healer , and we only need 3 healers for a certain fight, i expect you to have a dps set and know how to DPS
*Come to raids prepared. IE Stims, med pacs, adrenals, etc

What you can expect from us:
*A guild who WANTS to progress
*A casual schedule
*At raider rank, most of your raiding needs will be provided for
*Players who are extremely dedicated to being the best of their class

If you are interested in talking to me further please feel free to contact me in game under : Powerwordhugs