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Chapter 13

Nal Hutta- The BattleZone

For one last time, The Harbinger stepped into the arena that was The BattleZone, intent on overcoming Ardunna's challenge and finally leaving Hutta. The crowd in the observation stands cheered her on as she made her way to the small mound at the center of the arena. She centered herself, blocking out the incessant cheering and focusing on the next challenger.

A loud screeching sound rang throughout the arena as the audio enhancement systems of the ring announcer activated. "Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the final challenge of The BattleZone! We have a very special event for you this year! The Great Argunna has made a change to the challenge our competitor will be facing." He paused for a moment, raising the tension in the crowd as they waited for the announcement. "I have received word that our challenger has kidnapped one of Ardunna's slaves, he has demanded her death!"

Death? Of course Ardunna would try that. He was afraid of The Master, and feared servitude to him. They wanted to kill her, but did not realize that her death would only incur The Master's wrath. If they killed her...

But how did they know? It was then that she realized that she had been tricked. Grewd had deceived her. He was a puppet of the Hutts, a device to excuse her execution. She would deal with the creature when she finished here.

"That's right ladies and gentlemen, you will be witness to the first endurance challenge in The BattleZone! The Great Ardunna has brought in many various creatures that our competitor will have to face, one at a time. She will fight until she dies!"

Or until they ran out of monsters.

She activated her lightsabers, the pale green from her right, and silver-blue on her left, lit up her face. A large shuttle flew over the arena, and descended down to the arena, stopping just above the ground. Attached to the belly of the shuttle was a large crate. Dust flew up from the ground from under the shuttle, The Harbinger's black robes were buffeted by the air currents. The shuttle dropped the large crate on the ground and quickly took off, leaving the arena.

The Harbinger returned her attention to the large crate. It was a very large black crate, its features dominated by white markings and symbols. She did not recognize the symbols, nor did she care. She cared only about what was inside.

From inside she heard a creature groan. The crate shook as the creature howled a ferocious and blood-curdling cry. The top of the crate shattered, a large bone-like claw reached out. The claw shredded the rest of the crate, finally revealing its contents: a powerful Rancor.

*** *** *** ***

The Prism- Solitary Confinement

The Soldier felt his power return to him, The Force rushing into him, making him aware of his surroundings completely. He could feel everything in the super-prison, every life-form, every dark corner. He knew that if he had his power return, the The Master had as well.

But why had he not escaped? The formidable defenses of this prison were no match for the power The Master could summon, but why did he not escape already? It was mind-boggling to The Soldier. The Master's complicated plans frustrated The Soldier. He had identified several instances in which The Master could have taken absolute control of the galaxy. But he waited!

What was the plan? The Soldier was not pleased with the direction that The Master was heading, toying with the Alliance like this. Koros Major sat so close to Coruscant, and yet he refused to attack it. A quick attack with the full force of The Watchers' armada would have been more than enough to capture the planet, thereby beheading the Alliance.

The Soldier knew what he had to do. He extended his will to the other Watchers to communicate with them. He knew what he had to do...

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