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02.09.2013 , 06:55 PM | #8
I don't want to allow people to sap someone and then use their healing ability infront of them, this duel will then be won by stealthies regardless and that move is a ***** move.. so what if it's an ability that shadows/scoundrels have it's unfair to the other classes and leaves a huge imbalance. If you can't win a duel without having to heal yourself back up to 100% through a cheap tactic you aren't dueling fairly. I don't want these duels becoming a "Oh he's kicking my *** and I saw him use his stun breaker so I have to ***** out and sap him just to stand a chance"... really?

Chukles please don't change that rule. Make it fair for every class not catered to stealthes using unfair tactics.