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02.09.2013 , 05:35 PM | #3
bwahahaha i did the same thing at launch. i wanted to be the best artificer on the server! if someone asked me "hay buddy can you make for me a blahblahblah" i could say YES!

it wasn't until almost level 40 that i stopped blindly buying all the recipies and actually took a look at the stats. there are, indeed, numerous duplicates. but this may be an error in the recipe tooltip and not the actual item made. i recall a few examples where the tooltip said one thing, but after i learned it the item was slightly different. with so many recipies, the devs got lazy and copy/pasted the bulk info before adjusting the details.

of course, this led to numerous mistakes. the same thing happened in Anarchy Online with the Jobe Clusters. i cba to go back and find any specific examples, since artifice is pretty much moot at this point anyway. your story made me laugh though.