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Yes. It would seem that Markos has prepared to exact his revenge on both the galaxy and myself. I fear that I may not be up to the task that he has forced me to accomplish. Both your son and daughter are in deathly danger, and both from my own poor decision. He explained as much as he could after this. Then at the end he spoke to himself, Oh, why did I never listen? Misfortune seems to follow as a black tide wishing to blot out all.

Well, I am glad that you have not completely lost your wits. You may make a great addition, however time will tell. How far along is his task and how reasonable do you see his goals as?

You are being transported on our ship. We have other jobs to get to, such as fighting back Imperials. I wasn't exactly thrilled being sent after a blue collar smuggler such as yourself, but I willingly obeyed my commanding officer.
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