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As the transmission ended, sofia swept her brow and quite relieved that he did not kill her. Soon after the fury was touching down at drummond kass space port, she decide she was going to escort the agent`s to, imperial intellgence headquater`s in karth city. She wanted to ask keeper a favour, she wanted an eye on tera. Sofia was not going give up on her, she was going try save her and bring her into the fold. She did want tera to become a slave to the force, she wanted to become a master of it instead.
Before the fury she instructed captain markus, I need to find some where, I can get hold of phrick metal`s to make armour out of. While I am gone can you locate, a source for me. Captain markus nooded, and began checking the databases. Then she turned to the two agent`s, and told tthem I shalll accompany you back to your hq, I would like to see it. Then she headed of to get a taxi their, with the two agent`s.