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As Rafeesh entered hyperspace a familiar form appeared behind him, Helvec stood in his ghostly form turning his head curiously at Rafeesh. Troubled friend? he said calmly.

He's delusional at best. while his planning is solid and produces results. And until he becomes useless myself and the others will remain here acting out his plans.

Corin writhed on the floor infuriated oh yeah you're so tough threatening someone in restraints oooh I am so frightened!.

Markos cackled standing up and looking out the window seeing Rafeesh's ship jump to hyperspace. This is absolutely glorious! AHAHAHA!

Nerken glanced at the bar seeing the padawan from earlier talking to some smuggler. Odd pick of company eh Jotunheim? he saaid pointing at Tera. Jotunheim however was fixated on the Zabrak that had just handed a smuggler a large sum of credits. Stay here I'm gonna go for a walk. Next drinks on me. he said standing up and slowly he begun to stalk the Zabrak.