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Xam noticed someone staring at the them, but dismissed it and continued drinking her Ale. Tera also noticed it but didn't care as much, she just wanted to get help. "I'm Jedi Padawan Tera, my Master is Petrs Kulor. Mirialan man? He said you know him, I'm in a bit of a mess here and getting off this Station and back to Tython." The girl finished a bit nervously. Xam looked at her and grinned slightly, "I remember you shorty. We met back on Coruscant when you were just a wee little one." The Twi'lek rubbed the girls head playfully, jealous of her hair. "Of course I can help, sweetheart. Anything for Master Kulor. However, first I need to finish up my business around a couple planets. You can come along, if you want. Or you can wait here on the Station until I'm done." The offer was tempting to Tera, she always dreamed of this type of adventure, especially with a smuggler. But she didn't know if her Master would be ok with it. "I suppose I can help." Xam grinned widely and instantly stood up and walked to the woman who had been looking at them earlier. She whipped out her shiny silver blaster pistol and aimed it at the stranger, "You don't work with the hutts, do you? Because it'd be a shame if I had to shoot you."
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