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When the first SuperGoomba's quit we were highest ELO But you guys lasted longer and beat that out XD

I see Kharns from time to time and hear some are playing imps now

Maybe one fine day we shall see MM again in rateds

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Yeah, we had fun in super goombas, I was tanking most of the time on shadrach/rockwilder and we were like 40-5 or something crazy like that in the first two weeks.

We had great group make up and the guys were really cool. Then we had a few bad losses and we took some time off and then one day I logged on to see there was no more SGB.

Really ashame imo, kharn was good ops leader and I wish he would try to put something together again.

Nochance are you still playing rwzs? Do you know where the other guys went? I play imp operative healer now, but i jump on my guard now and again just to see the rating that we had. I would love to try and rally what we can.

The sad part to me is that now when i ask people about MM or SGB, they have no idea what i am talking about...