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02.09.2013 , 03:54 PM | #1
Hey it's Chukles again. Just going to say looks like we're going to have a good turnout for this event. I'm actually here to post the rules. For everyone that signed up already on my previous thread I will be putting together a bracket. The other thing is if your still interested in doing this, comment on this updated thread or mail me on Chukles/Verdus or mail Spliffy.

2/23/13 at (5 SERVER TIME)

Narshadda Promenade


Tournament Format:
Double Elimination

1) Screw it I am going back to my original rule no sap healing. If you don't like it I don't care. More people have said they don't want sap healing than people who have said they do.
2) Medpacs are usable.
3) No grenades.
4) No adrenals of any kind.
5) No clickly relics, for ex. (dreadguard boundless ages relic)
6) Respecing is allowed.
7) Last minute rule no intercedes to duelers!!!

That pretty much sums it up, remember have fun and there will be lots of credits to be earned!