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Tera had searched the lesser populated cantinas first, this smuggler was no where to be found. The only Cantina left was a rowdy, noisy, busy one that was packed beyond its capacity. She's probably in there, Tera thought. Reluctantly, the Padawan entered the Cantina and searched for this Twi'lek. It didn't take long before she spotted her though, one table in particular was busy. You could see bartenders running back and forth from it and people cheering at someone. Of course this person was the one, the only, Captain Tharl. Tera hated this more than anything, peeling a drunk smuggler from a bar was nothing easy. She slowly walked over to the table to see Xam finishing off the last couple shots before the man next to her, a loud roar of congratulations and cheering was heard soon after. The Twi'lek stood on the table and did a victory dance and sang a short song, everyone sang along with her. "Uhm...excuse me?" Tera shouted over the noise. No one heard her, this was already getting frustrating. "I said, excuse me!" This time the men and Twi'lek stared at her. "Could I speak with you, Xam? For a moment?"

Xam was enjoying her drinking when suddenly, a Padawan interrupted it. While she was beating the other man handily, it still bothered her. She hopped down from the table, said her farewells, grabbed her jacket, and guided Tera to a more quiet spot of the bar. Xam plopped herself on a seat and ordered a Correlian Ale before speaking, "So, what is it you need darlin'? Her voice was surprisingly soft and caring, weird for someone who wore what she wore and acted like she acted.
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