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All I got to say is that Satine died cause she needed to. Sorry, but origional cannon has ALWAYS had a Mandalore in charge of the Mandalorians. They killed the duchess off because it created an enormous breach of Star Wars history that pissed off a lot of fans, and it also invalidated Karen Travis's Republic Commandos books (which is why she stopped writing that series).

Yes I understand that the origional poster has a strong attachment to Duchess Satine, but her prescence was such a contradictory one. I have no problem with people trying to create new storylines in Star Wars, but they cannot mess with things that were suppose to be set in stone.
I hope your not implying that her death was shoehorned in to please some rowdy fans, because this is incorrect. This is just a realization of their awesome ability to tell stories and desire not to make some crappy story where the Mandalorians sat on Mandalore doing jack all, maybe annoying the Republic a bit, and then getting put down. That would have sucked. I much prefer this story which was obviously planned from the very beginning. Kinda funny that Karen Travis 'resigned' when the story never ended up invalidating her work. :P