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Hi Pal I have been under the "Hiden skill cap" Problem since the first cartel pack. Mid December.

They are doing **** to either repair the issue (I think it is a major data bank problem which is hard to fix) or help people involved because there is a way that CS can help you/us.

CS once deleted one of my old mounts so I could learn my command throne. So it is possible! In your case even more needed to get your legacy skills back.

They should just delete some of your mounts you dont use and reinstalate the legacy skills.

They are just to lazy to do so! I asked them to free up some skill slots for me in like 10 tickets, First 2 were answered saying will be "soon" fixed in a patch. That was almost 2 months ago!. The other tickets were just closed and an generic email sent to my account, even if I was online at that time.

I put much time and efford into this game and am a subscriber since early access. I fear the game is dead and left to bleed out, The ROTHC will be last update as most if not all had already been produced when EA pulled the plug.

Cartell Market is not to add but to draw the last blood of the victim. Because why would you add pets/mounts at huge quantities if your customers cant learn them?? I have now 16 pets and 6 mounts resting on my bank unused!

You can see some more valuable information here:

Have a great day.

Actually I don't want this. I don't want old abilities removed. I'll just have to go get them all over again, assuming they weren't credited to me. I'd rather just wait and let it get fixed by patch then having to negotiate which abilities they remove.
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