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I hate how some stupid author gave The Jedi Exile (from KOTOR2) was killed by the emperor and kept Revan enslaved. I understand how some characters must die and not all character endings are not suppose to be happy like Mace Windu in EP 3, but to be back stabbed by Scourge and not given a chance to show the Emperor some the power of being dead to the force and some dark teachings of Darth Traya. Also She schooled the corruptions of the force, like Darth Nihlius, Atris, Darth Sion. Yes, I'm a huge fan of KOTOR2 and even more since i played it with the Restoration Mod.
i couldn't agree more. Jedi exile and revan were absolute bad asses and they were cast aside easier than the nihilis fight in kotor 2.

ending fight in the revan novel shoulda been much more epic
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