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5.So the Jedi Order was supposed to be VERY dead at this point, the entire Order had disbanded, yet after the Dark Wars, the Exile goes to Coruscant and the Jedi Temple is FILLED with them, despite the fact Kreia says the exact opposite is true, along with about every other NPC in the game.
This is something that bothered me reading it even though I'm not too familiar with SW lore. Wasn't KOTOR 2 all about finding the last surviving Jedi masters with the aim of rebuilding the order? I can't remember how long after KOTOR 2 the book was set, but I was very confused about where all the new Jedi sprung from. And how they rebuilt the archives so quickly. Plus Bastila becoming a completely different character, going from a sassy know it all to stay at home mum. Am I missing something obvious or was it just poor writing?

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look at Shakespeare he actually had written a play and all he said was "he dies" not something fancy just "he dies" and I think Surik getting stabbed in the back (litterally) was alot more epic than it saying "The Exile dies".
The difference is Shakespeare was writing a play. "He dies" is a stage direction, the audience never reads or hears it. There was no point in Shakespeare penning a dramatic, long winded description of the death, it's the job of the director and the actor playing King Lear to portray the death to the audience.