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This is NOT a problem with the ISPs. I've been having this issue whenever game maintenance is postponed to the point that I either lag and eventual DC from the game or I have periodic lagspikes that then reset to normal.

It happened around Christmas and it happened again in the last few days. Why? Inconsistent server maintenance.

It won't happen to the entire universe, but it will damn sure happen to people who are living further away from the servers they're connected to it.

Sort it out, Bioware.
The problem is happening to me as well with increasing frequency as it goes longer and longer without maintenance. Happened at Christmas, and is happening now. We can't go three weeks without maintenance apparently. At one point there was a rolling DC in my ops group as we were attempting 5 stack dreadtooth. In total 8 of us DCd one after another. There needs to be maintenance EVERY week or this just keeps on happening. And no its not my isp or my internet, nothing but SWTOR does this.