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02.09.2013 , 11:10 AM | #28
James Bond meats Star Wars?... Yoda movie??.... jabba movie??
/major facepalm
-spy movie really? come on. i really don't think i need to explain why this would be bad for star wars.
-Yoda really, doing any movie on yoda would diminish the mystery of his life even more, But GL has already ruined all of Yoda's wise sayings from Empire in ep. 2. oh and thanks for the **** cartoons. bet the toy sales went up!
-jabba, you people really want to explore this mob boss and his indolence? WHILE speaking Huttese the whole movie? wait i think i know why.... you Fett fan boys just want to see him in the movie!, haha i see what you did there. you sneaky Fett fans.

what i want, what 1,2, and 3 never had, i know that's asking alot. and what 4, 5, 6, had. wouldn't really want to see old characters, maybe a few but only under the right conditions... i.e if their already dead don't bring them back. no poop jokes and talking rabbits, or any other racial stereotypes that was all over the prequels. also i wish they would take their time writing the movies and making them i can wait i don't want to see them come out in one year, oh and try making the movies with NO GREEN SCREEN.