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Your stats and especially HP will improve with gear of course. Below is a link to my Jugg tank as he sits at the moment. I have tanked through HM TFB with no issues and have been very close in relation to our PT tank as far as damage taken. Our PT is in mostly 63's (Dread Guard Gear) as well. The very first time I tanked HM TFB I was at 26K exactly and 28% Def, and 50% on shield and absorb. When I got the DG gloves, I traded some absorb for defense as you see in my profile. From what I can see in damage taken, I sit a little better now with 30% and I gained almost 700 HP.

The one thing I will say is that getting your Jugg tank set optimized is a lot harder than some of the other gear sets for different classes. I had to buy a lot of different pieces and move stuff around. Anyway, here is my profile for reference.
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