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If he does come back, I would like to see him help us out in the final battle with the Emperor. Maybe he can sacrifice himself to stop the Emperor. Of course they would have to make sure they don't put him in the starring role. This is, after all, a game about our characters. I guess we will see.
I agree if they ever made him back, i would prefer for his story and end be linked to the emperor demise.
Along the lines of interlinked fates even. With scourge probably having some role in this.

I haven't read the book in question, but from what I do know of it, the Exile was substancially more powerful than the book indicated.
To be honest i think she didnt had a chance of showing her power that much, being stab in the back by her aly. However even if she had the chance i think her fate would be the same.
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