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I agree with some of the other posters that you are as much to blame as them.
First of all, it's a lowbie flash point, HM FPs are already bad enough but you MUST expect ateast 1 or 2 that don't know what they are doing when you que for low level FP (anything under 50 is a low level FP in my book)
Did you politely try to communicate with them or try to coach them?
Sometimes new FPs can be quite overwhelming to newer players and they don't always know what to do.
I'm currently leveling another toon and I'm more disturbed by the "experienced" players and their behaviors and attitudes in low level FPs than I am NEW players who are still learning.

I ran several FPs this week and in one of them there was another player leveling an alt. and the other 2 were newbs. The other guy decided on his own that this was going to be a speed run...Really? What's the point of a speed run a low levels? You are there for exp as the loot isn't even all that good. Needless to say, it was frustrating trying to coach some newbs through and deal with Speedy Gonzales. On another FP I was in an all newb group that did just about everything wrong. It was quite humorous. I politely coached them through, teaching them about CCs, kill order, proper role expectations, etc. it took 2x longer than I anticipated but by the end we were functioning like a group and 1 shotted the final boss. I turned out to be a delight and a lot of fun, it reminded me of my newb days.

I say all this because I really am disturbed by the trend of "experienced" players leveling toons and expecting all other low levels to "know the game" when we should be assuming that they are in fact low levels and are likely in need of some kind guidance. So if you are not in the mood for stupid pulls, broken CCs, troopers wearing STR gear, and downright inexplicable behavior, well... You might want to run Low level FPs with guild members only.

Personally I find them enjoyable (though it CAN be frustrating at times) and humorous. I look at it as an opportunity to share some experience with some who quite obviously could use a little

So to the OP, lighten up a little and try going in with a little different expectation, you might have more fun and actually be helpful to someone along the way.
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