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This is not the lightside, nor is it the darkside, it is just complete detachment from reality, the lightside is more than serenity and harmony, it is serving the greater good, this guy isn't doing this.

I do think that Bioware has a problem with writing for the Jedi, the council's position with the mandaloreans prior to Revan, the evidence that corrupted Jedi were teaching new Jedi (including Revans teachers), various Master Jedi becoming increasingly hesitant and essentially inert, these seem to stem from the view that Sith act and Jedi react, which isn't right.
Which goes back to what I was said. Bad writing.

The writers are all very likely pro-Sith. Because they're edgy, and darker, and not trying to be the hero. It's the return of 90's comics, where it's all about gritty anti-heroes (btw, nothing wrong with gritty anti-heroes, it's just that there is more than just that )