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Hey there people,

Most of you know me either because I post idiotic **** on these forums, cause I'm the GuildMaster of Floor Inspectors or because I have a thread about crafting endgame stuff for free.

Now there's something that's bugging me a lot.

GTN Undercutting.
Every since the GTN allows people to remove their offers almost without cost I've seen an increase in people continuously undercutting others.. this has led to a MAJOR drop in prices for some stuff, but it also leads to a highly fluctuating market, where items cost hundreds of thousands of credits more or less in matter of hours.

Now I've been so annoyed with it lately that for everytime someone undercut me for 1000k I'd undercut again for 50.000k afterwards.

this may not be the right approach, but I want to beg (even though I know it's USELESS) people.. PLEASE sell your stuff at a Market Conform price and stop undercutting each other... instead of selling more, we are just ruining our own market.

I know this is in vain.. and I'm stupid to try.. but I cannot help myself.

see what comes of it.
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