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Concerning Sith Jedi padawans:

With DS Jaesa (LS would be no go) I would have her mention it to you casually that she thinking about sleeping with another woman and then you can go from that. It easily fits in my opinion as DS Jaesa is all about experiencing all the emotions. Nothing strange there I think.

Ashara is more tricky. I am not sure how fitting to Star Wars lore is, but this is what I have thought on the subject.
I would give her backround of Jedi teachings (as whole or simply specific to the masters she had) such thing to be totally unthinkable opposed to heavily regulated (as you cant have child from such relations). Due to that she tries to fight the emotions she has towards the female SI, would explain pathetic gift gains reasonably well. I would also put the romance threshold very high, even 10k...but I have feeling majority of players would find it inexcusably short romance.