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Quote: Originally Posted by IAmViiOLENT View Post
Really, you beat me on dps?

Also, "not being the best". Mate, I set the record for several fights. ****. "translate to raids" my ***

Carl, I set the then current records for 2 of the bosses in EC NiM. When I came back the very first week, I was the highest DPS in the raid with 3 58 mods and full 61's against your full 63 mara.

Don't insult me and compare me to the fail DPS I played with in hatred, I got tired of doing 500 more dps than some of the dps in the raid and left the guild. Thats it, if you disagree lets remember the comment Zakiro made: "Op, you need to give Carl some marauder lessons because I've never seen a marauder do as much damage as you. Your character name must be a cheatcode."
I hope you didn't put time into reading that wall of horrendously long, drawn out nerd text. His jimmies have been thoroughly rustled that gives you +10 to your score, and that comment at the end gives you a bonus of 15! Leaving the final score at:
26 OPFOTM - 0 Carl
Can't wait to see how he'll try to rebuttal next!