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I've been playing through my Sith Warrior, and an event on Hoth got me thinking on something. Spoilers below.


So, we have a Jedi master who has delved so deeply into the light side that he has become lethargic, apathetic, interested in nothing but communing with the Force to exclusion of all else. He has no compassion, cares not for the plight of the galaxy or his fellow man, that he once cared for so much. He emotionlessly dooms the one closest to him in the universe, the one who exposed himself to danger to save him.

I have to wonder... the common issues that plague the Jedi council seem always to be indecisiveness, and reluctance to involve themselves even when clear action is called for (Hello? The Mandalorians are conquering the Republic, and you have to be strong-armed by one of your own to provide even a minimal response!). Is it possible that, as there is Sith Corruption for those who delve too deeply into the Dark Side, might there not also be Light Side corruption?