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Quote: Originally Posted by IAmViiOLENT View Post
20% damage from adds.
When you do the 1750 single target benchmark smurf and I set, I'll stroke it.

Operatives have some of the best AoE in the game, irregardless of spec.
For laughs, heres the highest DPS on server on TFB-
And guess what? No one cares. It's a stupid number, in a largely irrelevant setting because all of the pve fights in this game are mind numbingly easy. Come do some ranked sometime by the way Carl.

Edit: This strat lends itself to letting two dps accrue almost all of the damage on the adds, rather than splitting it more evenly (therefore also reducing risk of aggro pull, into death).
Using a broken strat, that puts more strain on every member of the raid isn't a "legit" strategy. It's a stupid strategy.
Clicking isn't good, operative AoE is epic, Opf is trolling forums again.
it is not a broken strat it is a skilled strat, we dont like using strats taht are too easy that will make us relax in content we alredy know we can clear, or using Heroic moment, thing shanro and u liked so much and always tried to do in our runs we never let u, so i wouldnt be surprised u using it and everyone else in other guilds you are in right now, unless their leader have some morale there or if they fixed lol i dont even have the statue thing to use so i cant test, so i am talking things here i dont know.
i like this strat because its somehow the one we invented when we killed it for the first, requires a perfect concentration AND execution to pull it off (no Ssin tank, or Bthirst even that made it harder)... ofcourse it's easy to kill when u just grab the <easy> strat someone else did and you took from youtube clearing it 1 month later, everyone can do that... 17% total dmg done on AoE out of 968K dmg done... thats what? 160k? in total? who doesnt do 160k dmg in aoe there?... and no its not 2 ppl doing all the aoe.. it is 1 orbital killing 1st... 2nd orbital finish 2nd and ofcourse hurts 3rd... and 2 Dfrom above to finish it so its not 2 ppl only doing AoE... agree its a huge burst in dmg but its also part of the mechanic, operatives have good aoe, like all classes do, prob jugg have best i would say, and SSins dps has worse.

in the dps is not important part, i agree, i didnt focus at all being top dps, i was focusing in doing all the call outs, heal, be useful and kill the fight, in hatred we never do fights or strat to < lets get highest possible dps> since we know thats not everything, but hard to say for YOU dps is not the most important, since you play a marauder, and u have 100+ post in forums comparing your dps to everyone and posting some <insane> numbers in your Ship dummy u cant traslade to raids, u raided with us, and never beat my marauder in dps that i remember, and your last raid, kemen beat u in our nim ec attempts so, talking and dummy isnt playing, true u are in the top and one of the best, but u overestimate yourself just a bit and ppl like to believe your talking more than your playing, infact when i did those wipes with your guild in Dtooth, i beat u and smur half the time, and others u were above me like 5-15k dmg at max playing two classes that can pull 200-250+ dps than my operative just for being marauder and Powertech, it is true u two are kickass dps, so am i, so is kemen, thorrick, jexa and many other ppl in the game.
talking and being a forum Guru as i say lol doesnt make u the best, just make ppl thinkg u are, so u might overestimate yourself a bit too much sometimes, regardless of the guild, happened in motion, in hatred iwth us, with haterade, will happen in 2 months with some other guild is your style lol (just before someone think i am starting a war against haterade i am not just talking about u and smurf u named yoursefl lol).

PD: u guys using the same strat u teached to our B group?, if so, how is your <single target mark> done by smurf and u? one of you cant solo all the warriors? i did with B myself and killed without help with my operative, and if so, theres a strat that involves having only 2 ppl FOR REAL doing all the aoe, so i dont know lol.
anyways i wasnt braggin about dps, i dont brag, i ahve my marauder and op 2/3rd and pretty sure if everyone psoted their kills from all the world i would be 50th-51th, i never focus only in dps, specially with op i waste too much time doing other useful stuff like healing or if its the case, rezing. whatever, my whole point was showing ppl how u can have w/e class u have in the game bcause they are all balanced... alreyd posted one with jugg dps... op both specs... all the ACs... ive seen kephess kills with 2 assassins dps, so ppl can stop thinking playing a <braindead dps> like someone said in the reddit post lol, like PT and mara (easy rotation, even with mistakes anyone can pull higher numbers than the rest) is the way to go and u can actually be good, just as good, or in this case better, than any class if you play them right using an <underrated> class like Op or Ssin or w/e.

sorry if it sounds angry lol been a long day answering all the ppl that like to talk more and play less, not talking about u, more specific in reddit ppl that cant even read the parse good that piss me off lol... i know u can play and one of the best, u do talk alot of things u shouldnt loland spend less time in forums lol, but you are one of the best atleast, not like most of the ppl that answer this posts -.-