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The acting and dialogue was atrocious in ep 1.

"Are you an angel"?

You've got to be *********** kidding me. Are we really gonna watch pseudo romance between Padme and little boy Anakin?

Maul was a terrible villain. He was so one dimensional in the movies and had a few lines of dialogue. Dooku is a much better villain.

Final fight scene was both cool and stupid. Obi-wan could have totally made it through those laser doors if he bothered using force speed, which is something both he and Qui-Gonn used at the beginning of the movie to escape those droids with shields.
Dooku is clearly not a ninja, and isn't played by Ray Park. Hence he isn't a good villain. Although I agree that Maul could've had much better and more lines.

The "pseudo romance" isn't that big of a stretch. Padme was 15 and Anakin was 10. So, no.

Obi-Wan was tired out from the lightsaber fighting, hence he couldn't use Force Speed. Maul could've killed Obi when he jumped, like Obi-wan did to Anakin in Ep. III.

Personally, i liked Ep. III best. Such an epic duel at the end.
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