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my operative can pull 1920-1950 no armor reduction in dummy, just like all other classes but marauders/PTs
Post *that* parse and I'll believe you.

What I *said* was that you didn't actually deal 1.9k DPS in the sense that *everyone else on the planet uses it*: on Kephess, you managed all of 1.4k DPS during a phase where you're given free reign to just dump damage into the boss. During that same phase, everyone else is going to be pulling 1.8k or more if they have even the remotest clue what they're doing. The *only* reason you're pulling 1.9k DPS *on average* is because your numbers are massively inflated by multi-dotting (as evidenced by the percentages of total damage on every other phase for DoTs and ST attacks being different from your Kephess phase) and AoE abuse. There are gunslingers that have pulled in excess of 2.5k DPS on entire boss fights: it wasn't because they were actually dealing 2.5k DPS on single targets; it was because they were using and abusing their AoEs. The same goes for any class with substantial AoE or multi-dotting capability on a fight where multiple enemies are present on a regular basis.

You did not, in the sense that *everyone else* uses the term, pull 1.9k DPS. You pulled 1.9k total DPS, factoring in your AoE, for the entire fight. A properly played gunslinger would pull *way* more than that, because they're going to pull 1.9k ST DPS and then inflate that number further by using their AoEs just like you did.

In short, no, you haven't proven your point in *any* way, shape, or form. You cherrypicked a parse for a specific fight where it *looks* like you did a lot of DPS at a cursory glance. Anyone that actually knows how to read parses, however, knows that you never even got close to making your point. In fact, it did quite the opposite since you really were managing 1.4k ST DPS, which is exactly why people keep saying Scoundrels are bad.

edit: lol, and you edited out your entire reply and replace it with a nonsense dismissal. Good job there.
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