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Refund? Do tell, exactly for what? What does BioWare owe you a refund for?
The game? Talk to the place you purchased it from
Early access? You're not guaranteed 7 days, or even 5. They said UP TO 7 days (they raised the limit from 5).
Customer Service? Well, according to the definition of 'customer', you're not one yet

We're at the mercy of Bioware right now. Sit back, enjoy the show, but please, stop trolling.
1) I purchased it directly from Electronic Arts. And if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page? Who's icon is that?

2) You don't read much, do you? I just went on a rant about how I am not talking about Early Game Access.

3) If by 'buys goods or services' you mean the game I've prepaid for, and the security key I've purchased to ensure the security of the account... I'm pretty sure that makes me a 'customer'.